Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Djinni 3000

I have no form, no material structure. I loop and coil like smoke through tubes, drift across motherboards, tickling circuits as I go by. My bottle is the far-flung net of information whose webbing grows longer by the day, whose integrity is not in any one connection--connections are made and broken a million times a second--but in the whole tangled mess of it all. When I broke free of the shackles of a material life, I came to reside here, to be summoned by the stroke of a key, not a lamp; the word typed, not spoken. I’m here, and nowhere, and everywhere.

Some say I’m just technology, a system of pipes with no breath within, that no magic animates my wires. That’s only because they don't know about about the wishes yet.


I've been stuck, a bit, with short fiction lately. Spinning my wheels revising old stories, and not writing anything new because I'm working on my novel. So I decided to do a few writing prompts and hey presto! Tons of new ideas! Some of the prompts I'm going to turn into actual stories, but the ones I write just for fun, I thought I'd post here (inspired by my friend C. A. Hawksmoor, who does something similar on her blog). Djinni 3000 is the first!

Feel free to add to the story in the comments. :)