Saturday, September 06, 2014

Old Money, Old Secrets

If you're in the mood for a fast-paced historical thriller set in the South, look no further! Kyle Cornelius has you covered with his book Old Money, Old Secrets. Kyle is a recent graduate of the school of business at the University of Mississippi.

I count myself privileged to be on the editing team for this, with Triton Press, a Nautilus Publication imprint. I did the developmental edit, which means that I helped Kyle work through some big-picture issues with his draft to make sure that the language was fresh, the plot was interesting and cohesive, and that readers would connect with the characters. This was my first project like this, and I was hooked right away. Editing fiction, especially developmental editing, is thrilling. It combines a lot of my favorite things: working with language, utilizing creativity and problem-solving, and talking with someone about something they are passionate about.

It was a really fun process, and Kyle was a dream to work with. I was already blown away by the amount of research and detail that Kyle put into his book. His plot and pacing was spot-on for a mystery-thriller, set off perfectly by the Memphis and Mississippi Delta setting he chose. When he started sending me some of his revisions, I was even more impressed with what a good writer he was and how adeptly he incorporated my suggestions.

I'm really proud of the finished product--of the work I did on my first fiction editing project, and of the hard work Kyle put in. So buy it already!

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